We Are Your Land Management Service And Consulting Firm

Our specialty is the Utica and Marcellus shale formations in PA, WV and OH.

We Are Your Land Management Service And Consulting Firm​

Our specialty is the Utica and Marcellus shale formations in PA, WV and OH.

Working With Wrangler Land Services

Comprehensive Title Solutions Offered

Comprehensive Title Solutions

Wrangler Land Services provides end-to-end land and title research and consulting services for real estate, mineral acquisition, and solar and drilling exploration projects. We offer packaged deliverables that provide an all-inclusive and streamlined title solution.

Land Management Outsourcing Services

Land Management Outsourcing

At Wrangler Land, you get more than just services, you get people. Your dedicated project manager will coordinate all staffing and operations for your organization’s land management needs or augment large projects with tight deadlines.

We help families with their oil and gas needs

Landowners and Families

Wrangler Land Services works with individual & group landowners to assess ownership options including buying, leasing, selling, and royalty agreements. If you  are approached by a potential buyer, work with us to understand and protect your rights and family.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

“Chris was invaluable in helping us navigate proper surveying, refinancing, and conveyance of our property. I would have been lost trying to interpret the leasing and right-of-way documents alone, but he made sure we understood our options and made all the right decisions. He will never know how much our family appreciates the time and hard work his team put into researching and resolving our situation.” –Mike C., Marion County, WV

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